SCIPE Kick Off Meeting at UMBC

The kick off meeting for SCIPE (Enhancing the Transdisciplinary Research Ecosystem for Earth & Environmental Science with Dedicated Cyber Infrastructure Professionals) was held last month at UMBC.  Participants included:

  • Karl Steiner, UMBC Vice President for Research
  • Bill Dennison, UMCES Interim President
  • Jianwu Wang, UMBC
  • Jack Suess, UMBC
  • Damian Doyle, UMBC
  • Roy Prouty, UMBC
  • Dong Liang, UMCES
  • Vyacheslav Lyubchich, UMCES
  • Xin Zhang, UMCES
  • Victoria Coles, UMCES
  • Andrew Elmore, UMCES


Photo of participants from kick off meeting held at UMBC in November 2023